LOD = linked open data

Shawn/Kalmia - U Iowa - all HTML-transitioning to EAD finding aids (all digital) -- interested in LOD/crowdsourced metadata and collaborating with other institutions

Elissah/Minneapolis CC - about 5K zine records in a standalone database
uses MARC 10 or 15 elements and has experimented with LOD using Google API, Google Fusion Tables, and Open Refine (previously Google Refine)

Jenna/Barnard - AACR2, about 4K zine records
uses genre terms and abstracts

Joshua/MI State
traditional cataloging (using RDA) plus summaries

Gallery system
keywords generated by QZAP
moving towards xZINECOREx based -- taxonomy of genre terms developed by Anchor Archive (http://www.robertsstreet.org/thesaurus/out.htm)
+ user-generated keywords
everything has the potential to become a facet

Stephanie (KC) starting new project
Library Thing

Gina -- AACR2/MARC/Worldcat going RDA- interested in LOD

Elissah explains LD
open metadata registry allows you to build subject authority
now working on building links

Honor - LD relies on you making statements about your data (machine-readable: this thing IS this thing)
potentially could link offensive LCSH to preferred term in community/institution

how would we do this? would still need zine union catalog to connect different collections through the open metadata registry

Honor - in the MARC record world, currently, in the 650 you can do:
2nd indicator 7 with subfield 2 to specifiy your thesaurus

Jenna -- how is Anchor Archive authority edited?
Elissah -- Amanda is opening to sharing control of it (potentially collectively managed and updated)
Jenna -- could we experiment with starting a name authority file?
Joshua -- national authority file (LC)
Honor and Joshua can do authority work for personal names, potentially?

RDA name authority record has a lot more data about the individuals than AACR2
but, is optional (only required to differentiate)

Elissah -- moving forward, using VIAFor LC for name authorities would probably be best

what about ZineWiki?


time/funding to make union catalog?

for those who are just starting --- find a schema (xZINECOREx) and use it, then you'd do a data dump and mapping

Elissah will hopefully provide updates on her project! presenting at MN Library Association, ALA Tech Svcs webinar?

Jenna suggests -- work session/codesprint in midwest?

Joshua -- how can we share/get feedback from bigger community?

Honor recommends BibFrame listserv for those interested in LOD