Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just learned about zines, and I think they're really cool. Should I come to this event?
A: ZL(u)C is open to anyone who is interested in zines and libraries. It's a chance for us to get together and dig into the rich, complicated delightful questions of zine libraries. You can get a sense of the discussions that have happened at previous ZL(u)Cs by looking at the notes. There will almost certainly be continuations of some of those conversations -- things like zinecore and acquisition and ethics are just gonna keep coming up.

Q: I'm not a librarian OR I don't currently work with zines OR I don't work with zines or in a library. Is that a problem?
A: No? Many people are gonna bring practical problems from the zine libraries that they work with, but you certainly don't need to be in the thick of a collection to participate. And you certainly don't need to have a library degree to be a zine librarian. But if you're not interested in zines and libraries, this probably ain't the unconference for you.

Q. Is the location wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes -- both Main Library and psz are accessible to people with disabilities. You can get more information about accessibility at the University of Iowa Libraries, If you have specific questions, feel free to email us and we'll get you the information you need.