Deciderer committee selecting city (this year was the first time we did it this way).
Criteria for selection
  • location vis a vis last year
  • place it hadn't been
  • housing costs
  • transportation costs
  • transportation convenience
  • community support
Committee composition.
Things we can do now to make it easier for the next unconference.
Kudos to Kalmia, Kelly and Lisa for doing an amazing job organizing this event!
Online participation is crucial.
Organizers serving as curators, encouraging workshop leaders.
Have topic suggestions more fleshed out, add abstracts? It would help to have the unconference site in a blog format, rather than as a wiki for easier commenting? THATCamp model of providing bibliographies, along with with abstracts.
Basics and advanced tracks.
Suggested topics page could include links to previous ZLuC conference notes.
Survey potential attendees for topics. Have people answer what am I bringing/what do I want to get beforehand.
Intro for newbies/1st time attendees. (Ellisah and Colleen)
Some of this year's first time attendees make a zine for next year's newbies.
Post bio of yourself and your zine library to the unconference website.
Encourage some zinesters to attend?
Encourage library school students to come if they want to?
Need a technical fix for contacting everyone registered.

Other zine events

Use them as an opportunity to survey zinesters--zine panel that's about asking questions, not presenting.
Develop a survey with input from the list beforehand.
Zine library day activities--remember it's about getting people to show their appreciation of zine libraries and zine librarians by bringing them donuts.
Events people have done this year:
  • MSU 24-hour zine thing (not 24-hours!), in cooperation with Mid-Michigan Zine Fair event.
  • CLP comics (comics, minicomics, graphic novels) event with help from local comics experts. Got a grant to pay panelists to come.
  • ABQ had a dirty zine reading on Valentine's Day "so people don't have to feel shame on that day--unless that's their thing."
  • ABQ events prior to zine fest. "Seek and zine" event where cyclists follow clues about the city and then assemble a zine based on what they learn, working with Critical Mass.
  • ABQ opens zine library during Noise show and other zine events.
  • CLP zine reading hangouts, partnering with local themed groups, e.g. working with a bicycle advocacy group and bringing bike zines to a bar.
  • Barnard crafty workshop by longtime zinester/artist Marissa Falco.
  • MCTC zine maker kit
  • Maker Faire events with families
  • Billy Da Bunny's zine olympics
  • Iowa: orientation activity--made cootie catchers (fortune-tellers/choose your own adventure) about Iowa
  • CLP zine library day: table set up with zine question prompts (maybe PGH city & sports related). Going to leave the table alone as much as possible.
  • Iowa--zine machine takeover with trans group
  • QZAP: guest curation or exhibit by a regular patron, a guest curator grouped pink zines
  • Schlesinger: showed Girls Rock film, solicit zines from Girls Rock zine making workshop