Reader’s Advisory
Notes by Jude
Moderated by Milo

What people do now
Vancouver Public Library has a trifold with What’s a Zine plus lists
Carnegie Public has bookmarks on certain topics
Barnard is wanting to do a Zinedora thing – curated zine stations

What do people with larger collections do?
Jude shows them LibraryThing url and talks about tag searching
At UI can get people to a box that’ll likely hold relevant items
Sometimes UI Spec Coll gets general request – I want to learn about zines
Kelly – don’t have to know everything, have to identify characteristics people are looking for as starting point, Kelsey Smith says make sure public service staff refer people to zines e.g. want Queer books probably want Queer zines as well
Honor – people always coming back to her, since she’s “the zine person”
Jenna – dangerous, make sure collections don’t become “Jenna’s collection”
Outreach to colleagues, okay to talk about what you like
Question – do academic librarians push zines into curriculum?
- hard to get past make a zine only
- Jude shows women’s studies relevant zines to those classes
- Usually professor-driven, Women Who Rock class, can suggest UI zines, tons of relevant ones
Review tools?
- KC pop up using social media, could be way to do online RA
- as place for list of review tools
- has list of zines for teens
- Add zines to Libguides

Milo – QZAP gets occasional questions that are like “do my homework for me”
Others – academic librarians also get this, journalists do this
How to be supportive without doing others’ work completely, especially when zines are unfamiliar to people
Christopher – we haven’t learned to be curious and do the work, educational system doesn’t encourage this, critical thinking
Jude shares a set of links with journalists so they can do their homework, will post in a For Journalists spot on

Elissa will do Cooking zines
Jenna – abortion/menstrual extraction
Milo – HIV zines
Christopher – POC Zine Project list of queer people of color
Jude – consent/survivors
Matthew – zines about zine libraries
Stephanie – mental health
Colleen and Matthew – science fiction zines
Lisa – Latin American zines
Kelly – zines for kids
Kalmia – copyright/left
Marya -- travel zines

Maybe 10 selected and annotated, can have multiple lists, couple sentences about intention of list at top, don’t just include zines from own library, can have author contact info for purchase
Contact individual librarians? Can we have form that links to Yahoo! Group?

Stephanie – how to do Intro to Zines workshop, wants resources
Honor – how to include info that this is NOT going to be like your usual research experience, “slow info movement”
- zine collection zine
- displays on what’s a zine
- share these resources on
- IPRC has how to do a zine workshop zine
- Similar to archival research e.g. looking at boxes, how can archival teaching relate to teaching about zines – Honor finds this idea useful for collaborating with colleagues
Alycia Sellie starts with How to Make This Very Zine in the beginning of her zine workshops so people can immediately be considered zinemakers