To register for iczl(u)c, register for this wiki and then add your name to the list below. If you would prefer not to post your info on a public site, register by emailing: kalmia-strongATuiowaDOTedu
  1. Kalmia Strong (U Iowa Special Collections & Center for the Book grad student)
  2. Kelly McElroy (UI Libraries)
  3. Jenna Freedman (Zine Librarian, Barnard College)
  4. Lisa Gardinier (UI Libraries)
  5. Matthew Murray (UBC grad student and former zine librarian at the Anchor Archive)
  6. Mark Isham ( Visiting Professor English Department and College of Engineering, cartoon Instructor, and daily cartoonist)
  7. Linda Nguyễn
  8. Milo Miller (QZAP)
  9. Colleen Theisen (U Iowa Special Collections & University Archives Outreach & Instruction Librarian)
  10. Stephanie Iser, (Emergent Zine Library, KC Zine Machine, and Undercurrent Zine Kansas City, MO)
  11. Brittney Thomas, (Learning Commons Coordinator, UIowa)
  12. Jude Vachon (Zine Librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)
  13. Joshua Barton (Michigan State University Libraries)
  14. Gina Solares (Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA)
  15. Pete Balestrieri (U Iowa Special Collections)
  16. Shawn Averkamp (UI Libraries)
  17. Pat Olson (U Iowa Special Collections)
  18. Wes Teal (U Iowa School of Library and Information Science, grad student)
  19. Honor Moody (Cataloger, Schlesinger Library, Cambridge, MA)
  20. Elissah Becknell (Zine Librarian and Instructor, Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library)
  21. Ian Mason (U Iowa: ITS-Instructional Services, IGPI)
  22. Kelly Thompson (UI Libraries, ISU Libraries)
  23. Joan Bessman Taylor (U Iowa School of Library and Information Science, faculty)
  24. Nicole Forsythe (Kirkwood Community College Libraries)
  25. Bethany Marenna
  26. Chris Wilde (QZAP)
  27. Jen Wolfe (UI Iowa Digital Research & Publishing & former zine editor)
  28. Duncan Stewart (Cataloger, UI Libraries)
  29. Laura Warren (Fondulac District Library and zine editor)
  30. Andrea Kohashi (U Iowa Special Collections, SLIS & Center for the Book grad student)
  31. Marya Errin Jones

Since there is no registration fee, think about contributing a few bucks to the scholarship fund if you're feeling plush.

If you are interested in attending remotely, add your name and email to this other list below and we'll be in touch once we've got those details figured out.
  1. Sarah G. Wenzel (University of Chicago Libraries -- Literatures of Europe & the Americas; sgwenzel [at] uchicago) -- and count me in for a t-shirt!
  2. Annie Gaines (University of Idaho Library, zine maker) againes [at] uidaho [dot] edu
  3. Anna Brinegar (Indiana University, grad student) anebrine [at] indiana [dot] edu
  4. Richard J. Lee (Pratt Institute, SILS, grad student) epistrophian [at]
  5. Laura Warren (Fondulac District Library and zine editor)