We recognize an underrepresentation of people of color (POC) in previous (un)Conferences, and it is because we value the contributions, leadership and presence of POCs at the conference that we offer this scholarship. Previous ZL(u)Cs have been attended primarily, though not exclusively, by white, able-bodied cisgender women in their 20s-40. We will consider applications from people from additional underrepresented groups, as well as POC. Scholarship winners may spend the money however they need to, e.g., airfare, childcare, food, etc.

The scholarship application is now closed, since we have passed the May 31, 2013 deadline.

We have $680 for a scholarship or scholarships to attend this conference, but would love to raise another $1000 so we can fund more applicants. Email Jenna if there's anything else you need to know.

If you want to contribute to the fund, PayPal the dough to Jenna at a different address If you hate PayPal, contact Jenna about mailing her a check. If you hate email, Jenna's postal address isn't super hard to find on the internet. If you hate the internet, then what are you doing here?