Notes by Kelly
Moderated by Honor

Background: zinelibraries.info maybe came out of the first ZluC, as a place to aggregate resources, more for zinesters and researchers than for us. It’s a Wordpress site, originally created by Stephanie, Jenna, and Milo, perhaps?
Made sections that seemed relevant – weren’t sure whether to use Zinewiki or create a new website, or what…because we didn’t have the support to build something in Drupal.
Changed servers.
Survey by Kelly, Alycia, Nicki a few years back – last year at Pittsburgh, some tasks were divided, but not a lot of follow-up.
Nicki was doing a lot, seems to have gotten busy. Jenna keeps our bills paid.
Mediawiki is up (thanks to Milo) within the ZluC site

Goals: to help the public find stuff, but also for us to connect
Ways for us to share resources in a public way
Jude and Celina and Alycia looked at and suggested changes to structure.

What are the top priorities? Deadline: October 1, Honor/Kelly will send out reminder
- Rescue stuff from Zineworld’s website (e.g. distro list, postal chart) -- JENNA
- List of libraries/directory -- KALMIA
- Google Map – question about whether that is editable – MATTHEW WILL FOLLOW UP,
- Exploring resources about zine libraries – Exploring Collections -- STEPHANIE
- Intro to Zines workshops – JUDE/STEPHANIE
- Zine primer for Media – JUDE!
- 4 posts a month/torch-passing -- KELLY

Need to moderate tags – use this to identify news/zineographies
Do we separate things “for librarians” and “for the public”? Maybe through tags?
Jenna points out, if we don’t have people dedicated to information architecture, let’s use tags!
Still want to have visual ways for people to explore this (e.g. “Exploring collections” or “Welcome Researchers!”)
Changing URL – there was discussion about changing it, but we can’t remember what to…something inclusive of archivists/barefoot librarians
Jenna needs help changing that from the tech group.
Need to talk about sharing the costs for the website. Jenna says she’d prefer fundraising to go to the ZluC scholarship fund
[UX testing at PZS?]
Let’s talk about not duplicating efforts – e.g. Teaching with zines (on wemakezines and Barnard’s zine library website).
Let’s aggregate: how do we do a better job of funneling stuff here.
E.g. link out to things.
Could get folks to agree to take a month to post stuff, or each of us agree to post something in the next month – maybe a chain letter style? I’ll take this month, then email two people to ask them to take the next month. / Use the listserv.
Don’t just post a link, but contextualize it.
Feature: descriptions of different zine libraries
There’s a zinelibraries group on Flickr – widget?
Jenna and Milo are moderators on listserv. It’s pretty quiet – do we want more conversation on there? Moderation: if people can describe in a sentence or two why they want to join the listserv, Jenna and Milo decide – generally only say no to people who clearly want to promote their own zine.
Honor likes that it is quiet – high quality, low quantity
From the list of zine libraries, let them know about the listserv, since some folks probably don’t know about it. We all already do that, but keep it in mind.
With directory – let institutions know what we’ve posted about them – HONOR WILL WORK WITH KALMIA
Possible names (in terms of change:
Zine Libraries Interest Group – a result of considering whether to be part of ALA.
Zine Librarians Front?
Zine Librarian
Read More Zines
Save The Zines