negatives//things to change/consider in the future:

last two sessions are challenging energy-wise
should we try all-online conference?
what makes this conference appealing to a POC? how do we make it more inclusive? -- this is something we should think about all the time!
missed connections -- ppl who signed up for the wiki and never registered -- more outreach
more context out front -- preparation in advance
survey on established things in advance -- to help smooth the plenary
more variety in activities to break up sitting and talking
discussion/presentation/skillshare + service project, zine olympics?
bring your de-accessioned zines!


opportunities to communicate and work with librarians from other types of libraries
not too many hard choices -- having the conversations we wanted to have
both the content and the way/process we have conversations
UI library colleagues attended
meeting in person is great
appreciation for fierceness in communities + ability to be vulnerable here
worlds colliding -- being able to share zine librarian awesomeness with library colleagues
taking the essence of the zluc back to own work/colleagues
open nature of communication
breaking up the day with workshops, etc.
shorter length of day / 10am start time
best zine event of the year!
being validated for labors of love